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    Stone Restoration Service

    Does your floor look as good as it did when it was first installed or last restored?  If not, the next few paragraphs could not only save you money, boost your businesses sales, but also enhance your sense of pride in your building and its management.


    Everyone thinks they are maintaining their granite or marble surfaces, but there is a difference between spending money on your solid stone surfaces and investing to maintain it.


    Take this simple test:

    • Does your budget call for periodic granite or marble restoration?
    • Does your service provider clean & polish your surfaces and then STILL tell you it’s time to have a granite or marble restoration done to restore your stone?
    • Has the appearance of your floor degraded since its was installed, or the last time you had it restored?
    • Has your sense of pride, or confidence in your first impression waned?


    If you answered YES to any of these, MARBLELIFE®, Inc. can

    • save you money,
    • simplify your granite or marble floor management,
    • deliver a more consistently beautiful floor, and
    • enhance your visitors confidence in you and your team
    • boost return visits
    • and boost your buildings sustainability



    MARBLELIFE provides maintenance and sustainability enhancing services for ceramic, concrete, marble, porcelain, granite, and terrazzo surfaces in commercial offices, schools, universities, government and medical properties.  It is possible to have a beautiful floor without having to restore it.  We know we have been doing this for our clients for more than 25 (twenty-five) years!   There is no magic material, but rather the application of science, understanding and experience with the appropriate know-how in order to protect and maintain your surface cost effectively.


    We service natural stone floors in more than a hundred hotels each month under our no-restoration guarantee. MARBLELIFE guarantees that if we are maintaining your granite or marble you will never need restoration for your floor again. Let us show you how you can have it all - a consistent beautiful floor for less than the cost of periodic restoration.



    HOWEVER, if you need to have your floors restored first, we can do that, too. In fact, MARBLELIFE restores more hotel and commercial building floors to their original shine and luster than anyone else in the business. Then we show them how we can maintain their restored surface for less than it cost them to restore it periodically, resulting in lower costs, better appearance and better guest and tenant first impressions, not to mention better quality audits too.


    If you are seeking to enhance your building’s sustainability, talk to us, you may be amazed at what we can do for you.  Today, MARBLELIFE can provides a series of SMART surface treatments customized to your material and building needs that can maintain appearances while reducing costs.



    STONE - Granite and marble maintenance typically costs 10 to 15% less than periodic restoration.


    VCT - Still waxing your vinyl, MARBLELIFE VINYLGUARD can eliminate the need to strip, wax and buff your VCT and VA tile, and do so with a 3-year wear-through guarantee.  Our ceramic nano-technology treatments enable us to deliver a beautiful, easy to clean floor, with substantial cost reductions and sustainability advantages.


    CERAMIC - People complaining about the appearance of your bathroom tiled floors? MARBLELIFE can restore a fresh, clean appearance to your ceramic and porcelain tile, and then guarantee your grout will not stain again.


    Anti-Graffitti based on patented chemistry


    As long as MARBLELIFE®, Inc. is maintaining your concrete, marble, granite or terrazzo we guarantee you will never need to restore it again! WE PROVE IT!


    MARBLELIFE®, Inc. restores and maintains more Marriott hotels every year than anyone else in the world.  MARBLELIFE®, Inc. has maintained buildings in this manner for more than 25 years without needing a restoration!


    MARBLELIFE does so much more than Marble!  We design and provide sustainable building solutions which enhance sustainability, reduce cost and boost interior building health.  Call us, and see how we can help you!